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Zoho One

Zoho One is a large and unified collection of apps that work together on the cloud to run an entire organization. It involves more than 35 web apps and an equivalent number of mobile apps, with centralized management and provisioning under a single sign-on, making it a true operating system for any organization. Although each application punches against the competition above its weight, they produce a knockout punch collectively.

For more than ten years in the making, Zoho One has been a vision. It justified the range of business applications we’ve been developing over this era. We were busy planting trees; you can see the whole forest now. You might also argue it was the work and testament of our lives.

With Zoho One, we have put together all the apps that an organization needs to acquire and help its clients (marketing, sales, and support apps); run its operations (finance, recruitment, and HR apps); and provide its workers with all the resources to collaboratively work and get their work done (office suite, mail, personal productivity, and collaboration apps). Nearly every organization has these same needs. Customers can also create custom apps for specific business needs, such as logistics planning, with Developer, our drag-and-drop app designer, and place them under the same umbrella that shapes their company’s single operating system.

All are on the web and your smartphone, so everywhere you go, your business is available.

Zoho One Pricing Overview

Pricing for Zoho One starts at $35.00 per user per month. They have no free version. A free trial is offered by Zoho One. See below for extra pricing information.

Starting Price$35.00/month/user
$35/employee/month (Minimum 5 Employees)
Free TrialYes
DeploymentWeb-Based, Cloud, SaaS
iPhone / iPad
TrainingLive Online
Support24/7 (Live Rep)

Features of Zoho One

Zoho One is software for business process management that businesses can access at an affordable price. It offers a wide range of creative business solutions that allow business owners and managers, from security processes to employee management and more, to have full supervision over their business data. The platform also comes with iOS and Android native apps to allow users to use the app on their mobile devices and function while on the go. Zoho One also helps workers become more effective and productive because whenever they need it and wherever they are, they can access correct data.

Zoho One 3

Admin Panel

An admin panel that is the gateway to deployment and management is included in Zoho One. Administrators can customize individual access by using the admin screen, allowing users access to just the apps they need.

Integrate to new heights

Although all of the Zoho One applications were available for individual purchases, hundreds of seamless integration points and a single access point were introduced by Zoho for Zoho One.

One Suite for all

With Zoho One, a business has all the apps that its customers need to obtain and serve (marketing, sales, and support apps) and run operations (finance, recruiting, and related HR apps).

Multi-Channel Support

Zoho One, along with several extensions and extras, provides more than 40 integrated web applications with a complimentary smartphone and native versions. Reach out to workers with the Zoho One app for iOS and Android and manage all your organizational tasks from anywhere.

Easy Tracking

Zoho One gives a full summary of all that keeps track of all tasks, decisions, interests, etc. This prevents mistakes due to manual entries. Also, pack all the organization’s divisions into a single suite.

Zoho Office Suite

Saving time is a priority for everyone. Zoho One comes with an integrated suite for Zoho Office that helps you to do so. Edit files in different formats using the built-in editors of Zoho Docs. And when you are away from your desk, work with your associates. For anyone to see, track changes to your files, go back to previous versions, and post your final bits.

Overview of Zoho One Benefits

All-in-One Solution   

Zoho One is a full-featured platform equipped with more than 35 apps that enable companies of all sizes to improve their sales, promote their products and services, and manage back-end processes. To facilitate seamless workflows, the app also facilitates collaboration between teammates and clients.

Zoho One 4

Integrated Operations

With Zoho One, organizations can link their teams for a smoother intra-organizational efficiency and automate their workflows. Applications included in the framework allow various groups to connect and collaborate in the same team and others with workmates. This helps individuals at the right time to get the right details.

Zoho One is also a way of mitigating IT expenses since each department is connected by the platform at less cost.

Single Sign-On

With a single, stable account, Zoho One allows users to access the app on their desktop and laptop computers as well as on their mobile devices. This makes it more effective to access the software’s features. It also lets managers retain strict control of company data and security policies.

Broad Ecosystem

The Zoho One doesn’t work by itself. To build an ecosystem of custom apps and extensions available in the Zoho Marketplace that make the application extendable, it is linked with other apps.

Technical Details

Devices SupportedWindows
DeploymentCloud Hosted
Language SupportEnglish
Pricing ModelMonthly payment
Annual Subscription
Customer TypesSmall Business
Large Enterprises
Medium Business

Zoho One Products 

More than 40 applications with complementary mobile apps are included in Zoho One, so you can run your entire company in one suite. This is the real deal here: you get full-featured, corporate editions of the complete suite of Zoho. That means being able to reach customers, increase sales, balance your books, and work with a single username and password in efficient and collaborative ways from any computer.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM uses several matrices to classify a successful client, retain and improve retention. It compiles standardized information on consumers through the company’s multiple networks.

You can initiate multiple conversations through multiple channels through Zoho CRM. It gives you more control over the management of customer relationships and customer retention without breaking a sweat.

Why should you choose?

  • Provides detailed perspectives on aspects relevant to your organization
  • Helps you make well-informed choices
  • With intuitive GUI, user-friendly
  • Quick to deploy
  • Customizable effortlessly
  • Up to 10 Free Users

Zoho CRM Features and Benefits

  • Helps you make faster, smarter, and better sales

More sales are automatically made by a perfect sales process. Zoho CRM offers high-end sales automation through advanced workflows and reporting, with an intuitive dashboard.

  • Enterprise Ready

The Zoho CRM is ready for business. In its state-of-the-art data centers across the globe, it keeps the data safe and stable. The uptime guarantee and other sophisticated features such as IP blacklisting and audit logs hold everyone accountable on your team.

  • Better sales and improved business

For your business, Zoho helps you to find the right and lucrative leads. The blueprint of Zoho CRM ensures that every member of your sales team conducts the sales processes correctly. The new sales assistant powered by artificial intelligence, Zia, allows you to simplify the macros and workflows.

  • Multichannel

Zoho CRM offers multi-channel support and allows you to communicate via social media and in-person with potential customers and leads on email, phone, speak. Zoho CRM’s advanced features, such as email analytics and visitor tracking, allow you to retain greater control over opportunities.

  • Extendable and customizable

The Zoho CRM can be personalized the way you want it to be. With a variety of business tools and third-party applications, you can add Zoho. It can be conveniently incorporated with Google applications as well.

  • Comprehensive insights

Zoho gives a full summary of all that keeps track of all processes, decisions, interests, etc. This centralized database contributes to more company processes that are standardized and streamlined.

Zoho Desk

To help you concentrate more on your clients, your context-aware help desk app by Zoho. This encompasses all the basics of rising your efficiency to the heart of your customer service effort. The Zoho Desk is designed to fulfill the requirements of both small and large companies. Companies can create knowledge bases with Zoho Desk that contain all the answers to frequently asked questions and problems related to their products and services.

Why should you choose?

  • Ticketing System
  • Call Center Software
  • Social Support Software
  • Increased Agent’s Productivity
  • Company-wide Collaboration
  • Reporting and Insights
  • Help Desk Essentials
  • Knowledge Base and Forums

Zoho Desk Features and Benefits

  • Help Customers Better

All support requests are translated into tickets in one place, no matter which channel customers use. You may prioritize the tickets from this single dashboard and allocate them. So close the tickets and give your customers satisfaction.

  • Make Better Decisions

Get customer reviews to test your support efficiency with Zoho Desk’s Customer Satisfaction Survey. And also have a full rundown of your help for getting to the root with drill-down equipment.

  • Comprehensive insights

The Zoho Desk offers a full summary of all that keeps track of all events, decisions, interests, etc. The cloud-hosted centralized database contributes to more automated and simplified business processes.

  • Multi-Channel Support

Zoho Desk offers multi-channel support and lets you communicate via social media with potential customers and leads on email, phone, chat. Your agents will catch up, work together and deliver top-notch customer service with the Zoho Desk app for iOS and Android.

  • Integrate to new heights

Zoho Desk is a stand-alone product for customer service by Zoho. But then, if you want anything extra, it can be personalized the way you want it. With a variety of business tools and third-party applications, you can incorporate the Zoho Desk. It can be conveniently incorporated with Google applications as well.

  • Work as One Team

As a team, Zoho Desk works better, as it puts together various teams and you can maximize your productivity to a much better level with a single workforce. Also, recognize the correct patterns and trends in the efforts of your team, make changes, and encourage improved results.

Zoho People

In markets such as HR technology, where consumers are continuously pushing for more and more solutions, technology never stands still. Zoho gives you their stand-alone human resource management app, Zoho People, to get over the hustle of managing your employee’s data.

Zoho People is intended to resolve herculean HR duties. Companies can use Zoho Staff to handle every single aspect of their management of their employees and can do so from anywhere in the world.

Why should you choose?

  • Mobile App
  • Leave Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Time Tracker
  • Performance management
  • Form Customization
  • Centralized Employee Information
  • Real-Time Collaboration
  • E-signature
  • HR analytics

Zoho People Features and Benefits

  • Centralized data

A cloud-hosted framework with features such as target setting and monitoring, 360-degree feedback, self-assessment, and performance analytics. This is certainly more than one would expect from a centralized database.

  • Integrate to new heights

Zoho People can be incorporated with the most common Zoho services to make matters even better and comes with open APIs and webhooks that make it completely scalable and customizable. And all this, since better is more.

  • Easy Tracking

Zoho People offers a full summary of all that keeps track of all processes, decisions, interests, etc. Errors attributable to manual entries are eliminated. Multiple devices consolidate attendance data, configure leave forms, schedule jobs, and easily build timesheets.

  • Multi-Channel Support

Reach out to workers with the Zoho People app for iOS and Android and manage all your HR tasks from anywhere. Zoho People makes it easy for users to set up notifications and mail alerts, accept several requests at once, schedule alerts and handle integrations on the go, etc.

  • Make Better Decisions

Determine the employees’ skills, set priorities, receive all-round reviews, and performance reviews; bridge the gap between where employees are and where they need to be. Enable yourself to make informed decisions by systematically running performance assessment cycles to full feedback.

  • Save Time 

Saving time is a priority for everyone. With Zoho, individuals grant their workers the right to view and retain their records and ensure that all data is reliable and up-to-date. Managers may access all subordinate details, have control over permits, scheduling time-offs, and more.

Zoho Recruit

Recruit the brightest, with good recruitment tools from Zoho. Zoho Recruit is a cutting-edge monitoring system for candidates that lets you streamline the recruitment process by overcoming the manual challenges of recruiting. Popular tasks related to recruiting, interviews, and hiring can be seamlessly handled with Zoho Hire to relieve the HR officer of a lot of uncalled burdens.

Why should you choose Zoho Recruit?

  • An applicant tracking system with CRM
  • Candidate status
  • Careers website page
  • Create job openings
  • Emails inside Zoho Recruit
  • Embed resume form
  • Import from Zoho CRM
  • Advanced Search
  • LinkedIn integration
  • Parse resumes
  • Publish job openings
  • Resume database
  • Schedule interviews
  • Track source

Zoho Recruit Features and Benefits

  • Hire anywhere, anytime

Don’t confine yourself to the interview room, take your interviews wherever you want with the mobile app of Zoho Hire. Although still having work done, get away from your desk and recruit the best for your squad.

  • Manage Candidate’s Database

Don’t throw away the profile of your applicant in the black hole, save it for new job openings. When a recruiter archives a Zoho Recruit candidate, the Application Monitoring System automatically resurfaces the profile when a new job opening opens up.

  • Comprehensive insights

Zoho Hire offers a full summary of all that keeps track of all jobs, decisions, interests, etc. The centralized database hosted on the cloud contributes to a more automated and simplified business operation.

  • Everything in a box

HR managers have full influence over the hiring process with Zoho Hire and oversee all recruitment activities from a single dashboard. In line with customized rules and policies, the customizable framework makes it easy to recruit talent and puts all applicant data under the same roof.

  • Customize the way you want

Plan and explain work listings with Zoho Recruit, and share them on internal portals and popular career pages. You can use attractive and modifiable models from some of the sites for this reason, or build a brand new list with comprehensive descriptions.

  • Parse in the Information

Even without looking at their details in depth, classify the best among applicants, as all information you obtain is automatically parsed and populated in the profile of the applicant. The profile contains all the relevant data and is automatically stored for future use in the candidate database.

Zoho Creator

What if to build amazing apps, you don’t have to be a programmer. Yeah, you only have to drag and drop with Zoho Builder to create custom business applications in days rather than weeks. Also, by using Zoho Creator with little to no programming skills, you can create hybrid applications. And the kit still involves custom integration using third-party applications such as Twilio, PayPal, Zapier, and many more.

Why should you choose Zoho Creator?

  • Custom Reports And Interactive Dashboards
  • Drag-and-drop application builder
  • Workflow Builder
  • Secure Access Controls
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Customer Portal
  • Tasks, Reminders, and Notifications
  • Integration and API
  • Mobile Apps
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Smart Reports

Zoho Creators Features and Benefits

  • Build application faster

With the user-friendly interface provided by Zoho Developer, you can easily drag and drop modules to create your business application with little to no programming knowledge.

  • Automate business workflows

Zoho Developer helps develop custom workflows that allow you to streamline communication and automate repetitive tasks to manage your daily work effectively. Rising the speed of your company workflow by using Zoho Developer.

  • Gain actionable insights

Use it to generate custom reports that can help you find bottlenecks in your organization and maximize the efficiency of your team. It gives a full rundown of all that keeps track of all events, decisions, interests, etc.

  • Integrate across platforms

You can easily integrate it to meet the most unique needs of your organization, as it is incredibly tailored and versatile. All of the Zoho services are part of the kit, but with Zoho Developer you can also integrate with third-party software.

  • Stay connected on Mobile Apps

Open and upgrade your data from anywhere in the world with the Creator’s iOS and Android apps. Decentralized and remote teams may use the Zoho Maker, as all data and operations are accessible via mobile devices.

  • Secure access control

Not only can you determine which doors a person has access to by using Zoho Creator, but layers of restrictions can be added based on a need-to-know basis.

Zoho Bigin

And that’s effortless! What? How? Well, if you handle a sales team of any pipeline management system, you can easily communicate with the time and effort taken by this system to hold the information correctly in the system. Huh? Right?

But with the right Zoho Bigin service provider, this compact module does not require you to be qualified for long hours. Particularly for sales reps, it’s quick, fast, and very user-friendly. It is specially built for sales reps, as Zoho Bigin knows how many modules of field support are helpful if it is in the form of an App on a smartphone. Yes! Yes! The Sales Software is available for smartphone devices running iOS and Android.

Zoho Bigin Features and Benefits

  • Get all customer context

See timeline, data history, deal data, social media activities, & all your leads’ emails-you have it all! Hey, don’t worry. Yes, next time you have a prospect, it’s that easy to catch any pitch.

  • Easy design with limited features

No need to learn everything! Yeah, we know that for the next level, you have to use just some characteristics for that deal to consider. Using minimal features only and don’t get puzzled and confused.

  • Get all customer context

See timeline, data history, deal data, social media activities, & all your leads’ emails-you have it all! Hey, don’t worry. Yes, next time you have a prospect, it’s that easy to catch any pitch.

  • Integrations| Build-in telephony

A cool integration to reach out quickly to your clients and prospects. Nice, because you can have a telephone system that is integrated but without hardware. Buying a team phone number, making/receiving calls, and you’re ready to go.

  • Insights and real-time notifications

Who’s not going to want this? Connection with a prospect at the right moment with your teammates’ real-time alerts. What’s happening here? Next, what to do? Dear salespeople, you have all the reminders.

  • Out-of-the-box analytics dashboard

A super cool feature that holds your attention and helps you to know at the right time whether to keep or discard. All the insights regarding the pipeline. The main performance metrics can be calculated by the Bigin Dashboard.

Zoho Remotely

Zoho Remotely lets you simultaneously connect, collaborate and be efficient. You can maintain a close-knit and efficient working atmosphere with the correct collection of apps, no matter where your team is located. You can meet online with your team or customers & customers and connect from anywhere, anywhere. Zoho Remotely also helps you to schedule and monitor your tasks, delegate work objects, allocate resources, prioritize assignments, and work from multiple locations as a team.

Zoho Remotely Features and Benefits

  • Meet online and communicate from anywhere

Remote App Suite helps you to perform all your business interactions remotely, whether you are having a staff meeting, a training session, a customer service call, or an important sales presentation.

  • Remote assistance from anywhere

Support the clients and workers by applications that serve as remote hands and eyes from anywhere. Understand live problems, safely exchange support files, and fixes to fix client queries.

  • Collaborate seamlessly from wherever you are

Act well, often from different locations, as teams. Plan and monitor your tasks, assign work objects, allocate money, prioritize assignments and make your job count.

  • Achieve productivity when working remotely

Improve performance with office applications that are designed for collaboration. Draft blogs from any place, review spreadsheets, and prepare slide decks.

Zoho Books

Zoho Books is a program for online GST accounting. It lets you send invoices that are GST compliant. Tracks inventory, produces time reports and files returned on time by your GST. It’s all effortless!

Why Zoho Books is an outstanding cloud accounting software?

  • Customized sales orders, forecasts, purchase orders & invoices can be generated in seconds to represent your brand.
  • Manage company contacts & interact with user responsibilities and access level permissions for team members.
  • Create and monitor all receipts for sales and purchases, such as forecasts, sales orders, credit notes, company expenditures, bills, vendor credits, and much more.
  • Keep track of the sales tax obligations you have.
  • Reconcile your transactions and connect your bank accounts.
  • With approx 50+ reports for your business wellbeing, stay updated and alert with comprehensive insights.
  • Automate your time-consuming operations regularly with workflow guidelines.
  • High-level data protection adoption with a strict privacy policy.
  • On the go, access! Anywhere, wherever! It is available for iOS, Android & Windows on mobile platforms.

Zoho Books Features and Benefits 

  • Experienced and Dedicated Team.

We also partnered with diversified customers from development to retail on several ventures and their finance departments. We’ll take all the pains and set up the perfect online accounting program for you from Zoho Books.

  • Friendly with an account’s language.

We have a team of seasoned consultants who have consulted with numerous accountants and have a deep understanding of company accounting and common terms. And so your accountant won’t get pissed off speaking the language of the account. So, when working with us, you can spend quality time.

  • We can ease accounting work.

You just have to concentrate on the offers and their discussions. Once the setup is complete, Zoho Books raises sales orders or invoices or handles every mundane accounting activity effectively. For your single accountant, great support.


In each integration, we are well-versed and can give you some good Zoho apps for your growing business. An all-around advantage for your company as you get clarity and automation in your business operations. We’re going to do it as our Zoho support services do.

  • Full-fledged Training.

No, after the final set-up, we won’t let you deal with it alone. Our Zoho advisors will make sure that this latest digital transition is a hands-on experience for your accountant and accounting department. So, happy with you, happy with us!

Zoho Classes

Zoho Classes is a school app that allows teachers & students to communicate remotely via online classes. The school administration is centrally monitored. For communication, we can exploit technology. Education is now tuning into technology and gripping every e-learning site, such as online apps for school management, School CRM, School ERP, etc.

From house, teaching. Studying from home and doing administrative activities from home can now be adopted on a large scale. Thanks to Classes Zoho! For schools, colleges, coaches, and universities, it’s easy to use and the best online education app.

Zoho Classes Features and Benefits 

Benefits of Zoho Classes

  • Collect fees online.
  • Stream live online meetings/classes/assembly.
  • Online collaboration with teaching & non-teaching staff members.
  • Learning Management System.
  • Online assignments & student tracking.
  • Take remote attendance.
  • Screen sharing.
  • Student query portal.
  • Online sharing of documents/notes.

Zoho Analytics

Self-service BI and analytics program is also widely referred to as Zoho Analytics (formerly known as Zoho Reports). Anyone may use this instrument to uncover market insights, from a CEO, sales manager, to an IT guy. This online reporting tool will enable you to produce visual analytics reports that are quick & stunning.

To get out-of-the-box ideas for sales, finance, marketing & IT, it has a completely customizable and unified dashboard. Also, you get the option of integrating perspectives from all divisions and applications.

Zoho Analytics Benefits & exciting features

1. Analyse data from multiple resources like Cloud databases/ drives, etc.

2. Rich element visualizations through drag-drop feature.

3. Create a variety of charts, data tables, KPI widgets in minutes.

4. Use interactive options to slice and dice data.

5. Run the investigative analysis to pinpoint problems.

6. Ask business-critical questions to ZIA ( AI Assistant).

7. Collaborate across departments.

8. Forecast: Zoho Analytics will predict future trends accurately based on past data.

9. Schedule Email Reports.

Zoho Mail

Happy with the operation of plain email hosting? But with the new Zoho Mail email hosting service, we have more for you… Very easy but advanced service for email hosting. This will help you understand the tricks of communications management.

Get your company’s stable, reliable, and ad-free email hosting service with an exceptional email hosting service. Support to keep your significant conversation alive inside your network.

A full kit for all of your needs for contact. Use the Zoho Mail mobile app to handle emails easily on your tablet.

Zoho Mails Features and Benefits

  • Data Privacy

To keep the data private, Aim Integration meets the best industry practices. Zoho Mail is a forum for email providers that keeps their privacy measures clear. Our highest priority is your privacy and we adhere to our pledge.

  • Zoho Mail integration with CRM

It’s a contract with magic. You can help our Zoho consultants combine the 2 power duo apps. Get the auto-synchronization function of any new email ID as your CRM touch. With a regular search on email threads, you can handle all your business leads.

  • Easy Migration

Would you like to move from your previous email hosting service, but don’t want to be technical? You can lean on the shoulders of our Zoho Consultants. We will help you move data from any other services without any hassle, such as GSuite or Office 365. Also available for IMAP/ POP migration.

  • Support Service

We accept that only the provider of email hosting services is not sufficient to effectively execute email hosting. You need some direction, some assistance, and a lot of timely support. We are consultants for Zoho Mail, a service provider for email hosting that can be your buddy, not just a seller.

  • Customization Service

We have a team of Zoho consultants and developers who are seasoned and committed. The team is highly qualified to help you configure your services and integrations for email hosting as per your business needs.

Zoho One Integrations- Holistic Approach to Gain Success

Zoho One is a complete platform consisting of more than 40 applications that enable companies of all sizes and niches to increase their sales, promote their products and services, and manage back-end processes. Besides, to promote smooth workflows, it facilitates collaboration between teammates and clients.

Instead of your firm working on the software, Zoho One is the software that works for your company. With a single platform for your entire enterprise, you can replace your packages of cloud apps, legacy software, and manual operations.

How Can Zoho One Implementation Support Your Organization?

To run your company, it is a holistic strategy that provides you with an integrated and customizable framework to work smarter and advance faster. Zoho One offers you an inclusive forum to break down barriers between different departments and enhance your organization’s success.

These are a few facilities that help business users to keep track of their business:

  1. Integrated Suite of Apps

A bunch of 40+ online applications is generated by Zoho One Integrations that help you handle and automate business processes in your company. You may pick the apps that meet your individual needs and then make them available to your staff. Each app has a mobile version to allow you to work wherever you want. It contains apps for:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Support
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Productivity
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • HR
  • Business Processes
  1. Smart Services for Enhanced Productivity

It provides a separate set of applications that serve as the source of supplementary services that provide the company with great value. Collectively, the full suite helps to more efficiently run company processes and increases business productivity.

  • With Zia, the Zoho Intelligent Assistant, Treat works intelligently.
  • With exceptionally built dashboards, see superior insights.
  • Find and discover all faster with a single search for all your company details.
  • Simplify user authentication, implementation of applications, and business privacy policy.
  1. Tools to Customize Software 

Zoho One consists of a powerful Zoho Customization toolkit, extending and integrating the software to make it appropriate for your company according to your unique business needs. Any needed improvements to your software can be made easily.

  • Make custom integrations between third-party apps and Zoho.
  • Add custom features to applications from Zoho.
  • Easily build low-code applications for special processes.

Why Should You Opt Zoho One Implementation for Your Organization?

As you know, for an enterprise that accumulates a full collection of online applications, Zoho One Implementation functions as an operating system that lets you run your entire company from a single system or through a smartphone. Here are a few factors that may push you to select your organization’s Zoho One:

  1. Mobile Apps

In your organization’s department, you get a full suite of 40+ applications for various processes. The 40+ apps you get can also be used on your smartphone easily on the go. Anywhere and anywhere, it would be easy to access your company records, contact customers, monitor sales or marketing processes, etc. from your smartphone.

  1. Less Administrative Activities

Zoho One allows you to do it all with a single push of a button, whether it’s about monitoring projects, tracking processes, or producing reports, so you can devote more time to other important activities in your business.

  1. Better Collaboration

It comes with all instruments to easily access news, hold meetings, project management, inter-communication, etc., making it much easier for different departments and employees to collaborate.

  1. Viewing Assets and Liabilities

Zoho One is not only an inclusive solution for conducting company processes but also helps to maintain clean bookkeeping and a consistent summary of all investments at any time, using accounting, inventory management software, etc.

  1. All Business Highlights

From campaign software, social media management, analytics, polls, and more, get every highlight of your company that makes your business look exceptionally brilliant. Don’t even miss a single Zoho One Apps notification concerning your business.

  1. Handle Leads and Deals

The rewards schemes in the CRM systems and their monitoring help the consumer acquisition sales team and make you aware of all the implications that can arise if anything goes wrong. You can still monitor your entire sales process and connect from your smartphone with customers.

  1. Optimal Customer Service

With a modern assistance and ticketing system that offers your customers a friendly service experience, Zoho One has made customer support simple. With effective customer service, you will never fail to please your clients.

  1. Employ Best Talents

Searching for good employees is not easy, but Zoho One’s personnel management service makes it easier for you to coordinate your employees and manage new recruiting programs with the HR team to find the best talent for your organization.


Zoho One is a wide-ranging tool ecosystem for all departments that allows seamless cooperation to ensure your organization’s overall growth. For every program, you get a mobile version that will allow you to access data across devices. It is very simple to manage, as to access multiple applications and systems, a single operating system login is required.

The central admin console helps you to monitor the users and provide individual applications with managed access. Also, from configurable dashboards and financial analysis reports, you can get real-time information easily and get a good picture of your company. Not only that, the enhanced customer service makes it even more efficient and customer-focused for your help desk and support.

Zoho One is a fantastic piece of software that just helps you to manage all your business applications and resources with a single operating system. Contact your Zoho Consulting Partner today and ask how easily your approach to managing your company can be transformed!

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