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We flaunt the ability to create highly robust solutions that are reliable and appealing, with no compromise over quality. ATS IT Solutions is continuously engaged in developing business solutions that are powered by emerging technologies, which helps to formulate strategies that are simple, while driving the business to success. Data storage, data processing, connectivity and many more aspects of real life will be made easier with the custom made solutions woven out of the emerging technologies and we are experts at it.

IoT Applications

Our in-house team of IoT app development experts has an in-depth understanding of the emerging IoT platforms and features, as well as is proficient at developing agile apps that fit into your business needs.
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App development

We are experts at developing custom-made wearable apps that will make your end users go gaga and fall in love with your solutions that are seamless and compelling, all powered by ATS IT Solutions.

Apple watch
App development

ATS IT Solutions has a team of experts that are proficient at developing wearable apps including apple watch apps. We have already tailor-made apple watch apps for some of our customers, and we can do it for you too.
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Cloud Computing

Do you have data? Excess of data that you are finding difficult to manage and deal with? Don’t worry. At Acodez, we will custom-make an excellent cloud-based solution to manage and tackle the data of your organization, while ensuring it is safe and secure.

Big Data Services

Big data is emerging. A lot is happening and regardless of the size of your company, it is about time that you seriously thought about implementing big data for your business. We can custom develop the best big data solution that will imbibe in all your business needs.
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