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Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics is a cloud-based system for monitoring and market intelligence that provides many features, including dashboards, visualization, reporting, data warehousing, and more, within its suite. This solution is found in numerous divisions within small to mid-sized companies, including sales, communications, HR, finance, and operations.

To have real-time insight into different facets of the organization, the framework requires different files. Build a personalized dashboard, it includes a drag-and-drop interface, maps, widgets, and more. Team members will exchange data and communicate, with personalized access control for each user, on tables and records. These notes may also be written and viewed or inserted in a webpage or forum by other teammates. Zoho Analytics also supports both rational database and NoSQL database connectors and integrates with cloud databases as well.

Zoho Analytics is compatible with Windows, Mac, and iPad, and can be used with an active internet connection on both computers. On monthly and annual subscription plans, the solution is available.

User Features of Zoho Analytics

Actionable insights for everyone

In the company, Zoho CRM Analytics empowers everyone to make data-driven decisions. This covers the managers, executives, and sales reps at C-level.

Multi-dimensional reports

Blend your CRM data to grasp the underlying patterns in several ways. Combine leads, connections, promotions, assignments, suppliers, quotes, and much more with CRM info.

Filter reports

Strong options for filtering help you sift through your files. For eg, sort the data using parameters based on modules – if you evaluate the deal module, you can drill down depending on the type of deal, deal level, length of the sales period, and so on.

Share and export

Export reports as files in Excel, CSV, or pdf format. Share the Dashboards for persons who need to have access to them. Please insert or post them on your Slack Channel on your website.

Templates for easy analysis

Choose which sort of chart works better from a collection of predefined models to visualize the results.

Zoho Analytics Features

Business Intelligence
Ad Hoc ReportsKey Performance Indicators
DashboardPredictive Analytics
Performance MetricsPublishing / Sharing
Profitability AnalysisVisual Analytics

Data Analysis
Data DiscoverySelf-service Analytics
Data Source ConnectorsData Visualization

Data Source IntegrationsPrivate Dashboards
Data VisualizationPublic Dashboards

Data Visualization
Analytics/ReportingFiltered Views
Custom DashboardsVisual Discovery

Embedded Analytics
Ad hoc QueryApplication Development
DashboardInteractive Reports
Mobile ReportingMulti-User Collaboration

Self-service AnalyticsStreaming Analytics
Customizable DashboardData Source Connectors
Drag & DropDrill Down
Financial ReportingForecasting
Sales ReportsScheduled/Automated Reports
Marketing ReportsReport Export

Zoho Analytics Pricing Overview

Free Trial0
Free PlanFree
Personal Edition (On-Premise)Free
Professional Edition (On-Premise)$2,395/year

Overview of Zoho Analytics Benefits

Zoho Analytics delivers a solution that helps everyone in the business to analyze information independent of their technological expertise or lack thereof. It simplifies data analytics and avoids the time-consuming data collection and consolidation process to deliver actionable insights. 

Here’s an outline of the key advantages:

Streamlines data gathering

Zoho Analytics lets you analyze data from multiple sources, such as databases, cloud computing systems, and offline or online software, using an easy-to-follow wizard. For data mixing, encoding, washing, separating, and computing streams, it streamlines syncing and inserting data into the system.

Empowers visualization with dashboards

The dashboards of the app offer you a simple but detailed look at your main business indicators, such as reports, rich text formats, images, and widgets for KPI, among others. With Zoho Analytics’ drag-and-drop features, the development of dashboards is also achieved. For URL links and photos, formats are extremely versatile with rich formatted text. In the meantime, it also has enticing patterns to pick from or you can choose to make your own.

Simplifies creation of charts

It is quick to launch a map and it can be found right on the dashboard of the app. It has a drag-and-drop interface that helps you to build the map you need simply by dragging and dropping columns on the correct shelf without the need for any coding.

You can select from a comprehensive range of available chart styles, such as, among others, heat maps, line, bar, pie, geo maps, table, and stacked fields. It is quick to perform exploratory analytics and drill down data as charts can be designed with different Y-axis and robust filters.

Optimizes pivot tables

In its feature set, Zoho Analytics empowers pivot tables because this style of the report helps large data sets to be dynamically and interactively examined. To produce more detailed summaries, it can be divided into several levels and sorted according to columns or necessary choices. To align it with the required conditions, highlighting data cells in the table can be achieved with conditional formatting.

Supercharges collaboration and flexibility

Zoho Analytics is a cloud-based program that can be easily accessed from any browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer), laptop (Mac OS, Ubuntu, Linux OS), or mobile computer on the web (iOS and Android). Its smartphone applications are designed to keep the staff, consumers, and suppliers linked when on the move. It offers a community of workspaces where you can interact more productively and connect. Reports and dashboard sharing and publishing are also optimized, as they can be embedded or posted through a created URL on blogs, applications, and websites. Also, up to 10 languages are supported and the tool continues to focus on adding more to the website.

Supports on-premise deployment

Zoho Analytics helps you to install tools to quickly monitor market data and generate dashboards and analyses with more authority. It operates on operating systems running Windows and Ubuntu. It is available for 30 days on a free trial, where you can use the professional functionality. You will be downgraded to the Personal version after the trial is over, where you will use the app for free indefinitely with data volume limits. Meanwhile, with full teamwork features, you can continue with its Professional version.

Technical Details

Devices Supported

Cloud Hosted
Open API

Pricing Model
Monthly payment
Annual Subscription

Language Support
Customer TypesSmall Business
Medium Business

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