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UI/Front-end Solutions

We use highly advanced technologies like Angular 2, React, Semantic UI, Vue js etc to create powerful UIs that’d take your application to the next level. Our expertise in UX design help us develop highly user-friendly and intuitive UIs.
We offer the below UI Development Solutions

Angular JS

ATS is one of the leading AngularJS web application development companies based in India. We develop and design great web and mobile apps powered by AngularJS. All these apps are great and excellent at functionality and offers a memorable user experience.
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jQuery is one of those frameworks that makes web app design and development process a favorite of designers, while ensuring that the final app comes out with an everlasting user experience.


If you are looking for a perfect platform that exhibits a great deal of quality while adding value to the lives of the users in a budget that fits into your pocket, then Bootstrap is the perfect framework for you and we will design it.
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Foundation which emerged as a Zurb project is one of the most advanced front-end frameworks which supports mobile first approach. Foundation is semantic, highly customizable and extendible, which makes it one of the leading front-end frameworks.

React JS

React JS is the coolest and trendiest Javascript framework within the developer community. Facebook is the mastermind behind the development of this Javascript which also powers various other websites of Yahoo, Airbnb, etc. We have been implementing and requesting our clients to experience the magic of this open source framework for designing their sites.
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