Event Marketing Strategies 2

Event Marketing Strategies

Event marketing is the marketing of brand or services or products through any event. In this, we can directly interact with a brand’s representatives. An example of event marketing is trade shows.

What is Event marketing?

In simple language, event marketing is marketing through the event. It is all about letting people know that you are hosting an event and how much it would mean to you if they joined it. Be it a camp, concert, conference, a Facebook live seminar, workshop, or any other event, marketing it so people will join it. Event marketing involves face to face contact between brands and their customers. Each event is different so its audiences and contents are different.

Why event marketing is important?

If you are run a successful event marketing campaign then you get more attention and more audiences’ attendees your events. In this marketing, budgets are very important because they will help you to drive your strategy. 

        Other reasons, why event marketing strategies important, like if you want to target the right audience and increase your sales. 

Who is your target audience?

To understand, who is your target audience you need to understand some factors related to the audience like How does your event need to fulfill their needs? What are the pain points? What exact audience need? How can you help or solve their problems?

In this article, we share with you six top Event marketing strategies:

The most effective way to achieve your marketing goals is running online and offline events. When the audience or customers comes to attend your event then you have to give them a proper reason to attend. So, they are become happy to attend your event. Now you should think about the best ways to promote your event. The event marketing strategies are given below:

  1. Share with Social Media: 

Mostly people use social media so it’s the best platform for promotion. Social media can be used in all stages of the event planning from pre-event marketing to post-event marketing. You should add hashtags and posts or stories to promote your event. Some social platforms may be more effective than others. You can promote on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Instagram such as:

  • Facebook: Share your event updates, so your followers remain engaged in your post and also create event pages. Target your groups by sending a message.
  • Twitter: Write short and meaningful posts and create an event hashtag to increase excitement before and during your event.
  • LinkedIn: This is a professional platform for business to business and for industrial networking and event details. 
  • Instagram: Share photos, posters, and videos at all the stages of events. You can engage your audience with the creative post.
  • Email marketing:

Email marketing is also one of the popular ways to increase the audience at your event. You can contact those who have already registered for your event. It is the best way to build your audience. You should pay attention to the timing, subject, and content of the email. Focus on email optimization and analyse the success of each email, so you can improve your future campaign.

  • Dedicated Landing Pages: 

Nowadays almost everyone has one blog or website for marketing their products or services. Which is one of the best ways to promote the event. If you want to increase your online marketing then it’s important to create a landing page of the website or blog, so audience or customers can easily come to the website and see the upcoming event details. With the help of this landing page, you can boost conversions. You can move your traffic directly to it from social media, display ads, and pay per click advertising.

        By using landing page, users can easily register for your event and also check the updates of the event. Once you get the information of the audience then with the help of this you can connect with them using email and social media.

4. Influencer marketing:

Influencer marketing is a marketing tool to reach more audiences. You can contact many bloggers, vloggers, and influencers. And another way is you can find out some social media account which helps to promote your events. So, you can target more audiences or customers so your event details can reach more and more peoples. Some of these influencers and post your event free of cost and some are accepting money from you according to their number of followers.

        Influencer marketing involves a brand, product, or events collaborating with an online influencer to market. With the help of this influencer, you can promote your event on any social media such as Facebook pages, Instagram, and YouTube. Another opportunity is inviting other influencers to your event, and this is the most effective way or method of the promotion before and after the event

5. Press release:

The press release is an old concept but still it is an effective way to promote events. It is used for a long time but not more effective than the digital world. The press release can also be used to promote your website, social media account, landing page, and event too.

6. Post-Event Marketing:

The important factor of your event is the planning and execution of your event. After the event following are the simple steps for better post-event engagement.

  • Send thank you email: 

Your audience took you a lot of time for your event, so at least you should send mail to thank you.

  • Create a post-event survey:

Send the survey within 12 hours after completing your event. In this survey, you can include questions where customers rate various parts of the event. 

  • Get active on your website: 

Stay active on social media and other platforms and get replied to the audience like send thank youfor a message so they feel happy.

  • Create a post-event page: 

You can create a post-event page that simply edits and add the event landing page you already created.

The above Event marketing strategies help you to make a successful event as well as you can build your brand and grow your business.

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