Covid 19 Opens New Doors for Business through Digital Marketing 2

Covid 19 Opens New Doors for Business through Digital Marketing

Before the pandemic, their primary emphasis was on paid ads, even though brands had an organic marketing campaign in place because it promised fast results. However, paying ads came to a grinding halt with the resultinWhile for most sectors, it seems as if the pandemic put a spanner in the works, a closer glance might prove otherwise. Digital marketing will have to be one such area that has achieved even more momentum thanks to the virus. Not only has the lockout guaranteed that one way or the other, we all remain glued to our phones, but it has also established the internet as the key (if not only) source of brand penetration and recognition.

While it looks as if the pandemic threw a spanner for most businesses in the works, a closer look may prove otherwise. Digital marketing will have to be one such region that has gained much more popularity thanks to the virus. The lockdown has not only ensured that we all remain glued one way or the other to our phones, but it has also established the internet as the main (if not only) source of brand penetration and exposure.

Here are five ways in which the pandemic will change digital marketing

Soaring social media presence

For brands to connect, satisfy customer desires, and create trust, an aggressive social media presence has always been crucial. More and more enterprises are gradually moving online in the aftermath of the pandemic. Instagram has demonstrated the need for brands to connect explicitly with their clients and created AR Filters, an exciting avenue that goes a long way when it comes to brand recall.

Plunge in PPC

g lockdown. Brands have started to understand the value of keeping a safe and organic approach in place as market awareness declines. After the lockdown stops, SEO and content marketing have taken on the significance and will begin to play a central role.

Increase in influencers

A trend that goes almost as viral as the coronavirus is the ‘Dalgona’ coffee! Some of the trends that went viral are cereal pancakes, bingo, banana bread, memes about working from home, to name a few, and how! Influencers play a vital role in these patterns being propagated. There is also a steady rise in the number of influencers on the Internet, and an increase in the total time spent online, and this pattern is only bound to continue.

Opportunities in OTT advertising

Although all of us are stuck at home without a large screen with a butter popcorn hand, OTTs have swooped in to save us. OTT platforms in India have seen an 80 percent rise in the user base in the wake of the lockdown, according to Forbes. It is not that long before businesses begin to understand this customizable promotional opportunity and exploit OTT advertisements. This not only helps to reliably reach consumers but also helps marketers monitor viewership in real-time.

Growth in voice searches

It is only natural that the current crisis will see a rise in voice searches, given that we live in a world where AI-powered devices are readily accessible with results for all sorts of queries. It is predicted that 50 percent of searches will be performed by voice by the end of 2020.

It is also said that digitality is the future. The pandemic has just helped expedite this as far as marketing goes.

Experiential Marketing…Digitized

To be fully successful in experiential marketing, the interactions should be highly customized, client-controlled, and multifaceted. Here are only a handful of the numerous creative ways that brands aim to provide their clients with tailored experiences:

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality: Companies may build opportunities for the user to experience their product or room from the convenience of their own home, now supported by most Apple and Android smartphones.
  • Gamification: Place the consumer in the driver’s seat and give them the chance to engage in a friendly, interactive way with your product or culture.
  • Multisensory Experiences: The number of ways of engaging in a commodity is infinite by exploiting technologies. Brands use variations of experiential marketing strategies to engage on various levels and channels with their audience. 

The Sparkle of Digital Marketing

In addition to directly impacting people’s lives, the pandemic of Covid 19 has disrupted the global economy and left the planet in a parlous state. Digital marketing technology is the only thing that remains positive here. As a solid foundation for all the sectors, economy, and jobs market that are currently in dire straits, it remains upright.

Digital Marketing is the lighthouse in this darkness of the COVID 19 pandemic. Let us know how it proves to be one:

  • Digital marketing will help companies meet their future buyers again through online platforms such as social media, blogs/articles to exchange powerful content, online ads, etc.
  • By making products available to consumers, e-commerce websites have made this task even more effortless. Not only does this forum offer business to many sectors, but also guarantees the obligation to prevent the crowding practices that would have otherwise exacerbated the pandemic situation. On these online shopping portals, applying digital marketing strategies will drive tremendous future traffic and exponentially boost revenue.
  • It will make businesses & organizations more important by providing a strong & persuasive website.
  • Digital media helps you to spread your message to the masses, empowering millions and creating conversions.
  • Via digital marketing, one can have the strongest online presence.

In such demanding times, Hyderabad is among the prominent global IT hubs with tremendous capacity to cope with circumstances. What you need is to look for the best Hyderabad digital marketing firm to turn your destiny into a turnover. Certainly, the decision will lead you down the road to life.

Role of Digital Marketers/Marketing agencies

The role of digital marketers & marketing agencies has become increasingly critical, given the global COVID-19 pandemic. They ought to include the following to guarantee that everything falls into place:

Stay Positive & Calm

No matter how worse the condition is, Covid 19 has taught each of us the importance of being constructive & patient. The same is needed for digital marketing. To see what will fit better in this period, it may also take some amount of study. Both attempts would also involve paying particular attention to structuring the promotional strategies and positioning items to attract the attention of the audience. The adding of vibrant ingredients to the campaign will give proposals a fresh taste and encourage a larger audience.

Understand the audience & new behavior patterns

Covid 19 has updated the views of contemplation and changed the whole method of reasoning. To create creative collections of workable campaigns, the digital marketing staff must brace up for the “new normal” philosophy.

Double-check before posting anything

Before uploading anything to avoid any objectionable content, it is important to search. For this reason, to ensure genuine content, digital marketing agencies should recruit specific task forces for quality management.

Regular modifications in a campaign based on the market analysis

Continuous review and modification of marketing strategy are essential to help you come up with strategies for implementation.

Remain Sensitive

Words placed in promotional campaigns must be used sensitively without offending the feelings of others, especially when writing hashtags in social media campaigns. The present circumstances of COVID 19 are very horrific and will upset everyone.

You will get several online certifications to add to your reputation, not to mention building your online profile and accounts with loads of followers on social media. If you want a career in digital marketing, it is also the easiest way to attract attention to yourself.

The overall skills and areas of expertise for a digital marketer include:


It’s tough to draw people’s interest online. Stats reveal that, while rating higher on Google, video improves interaction. You don’t have to become a video maker but concentrate on the principles of making a video instead. When applying for digital marketing positions, getting knowledge of how to write scripts, use the tools and applications to make content, and what works in videos would add to the appeal.


Digital advertisements are powered by internet search. To work in the industry, you have to consider search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). You don’t have to think about the technological back-end stuff here. It’s all about learning the meaning of SEO and the best practices used in the field. That is 101 in every initiative for digital marketing campaigns or content management. Understanding how SEO and SEM affect your online efforts would help you to work without feeling like you are in the wrong company with the rest of a digital team.

Content Marketing

Material is what is used, whether it’s a website, film, social media, or blogging, to draw and engage clients. It can also require something that persons, such as white papers, case reports, how-to booklets, and more, can find online. Knowing the elements of content, how it is produced, how it is effective, and how best to use it would provide the abundance of knowledge required for virtually every digital marketing role. To help an organization achieve its targets, like social media, you would have to consider how best to use the content. You will also have to consider content management and research, based on the type of work you are looking for within the digital marketing field.

Data & Analytics

In several aspects of digital marketing, Google Analytics is key. Reports can be monitored, but what is more important is how to use the results you find. Monitoring campaigns and incorporating customer behavior-based results would allow you to come up with better solutions that improve conversions and drive traffic. It is therefore important to capture and use data because the information obtained by today’s organizations is like a gold mine that needs to be used in creative ways to collect and keep new consumers.

Design Thinking

The secret to good digital marketing is the user interface. Design thinking is important because it shows organizations how best to reach consumers, but it means that their web journeys are easy and productive beyond that. This can include the use of online shopping portals, links to information, and other items that your business can bring to consumers, including personalized applications.

Tech Knowledge

In the new world, technology is the guiding force, but you’ll have to consider what the newest technology is and how it’s being used. For your digital marketing strategy to be up to date, you have to adjust fast to developments in the marketplace and realize what’s coming. The use of technologies needs to be simple for you, and the transition will not scare you. Any comprehension of web coding and content management (CMS) systems is a must, no matter where you choose to start (or finish up) with your career.

Understand Engagement 

Now than ever before, an appreciation of how best to approach a customer is required. To plan creative campaigns that will help grow the business, you will need great powers of persuasion. To make the effort and convert to making a buy, you have to consider what the customer of today gets.

Common Digital Marketing Positions

There are several career pathways you can choose if you want to get more detailed and investigate the types of positions available in digital marketing, including:

SEO Manager: You will use your abilities as an SEO specialist in this role to help push content and maximize the content of a business. With useful insight into the approach needed to boost success on Google as well as social media, your feedback will be used to keep content creators on track.

Content Marketing Specialist: You will be the maker of content with a plan and always a tactic to ensure that you improve traffic and Google rankings in this position. From video to blogging and social media, you can create a roadmap about what content to use. To enhance the efficacy of your content, you could report to an SEO Manager or work in the marketing department using the keywords of the SEO team.

Social Media Manager: A social media admin will concentrate on creating an optimal posting schedule and supervising or, in some situations, creating the posts. Again, as part of an overall digital marketing approach, a crossover is still possible, in which case you could partner with a content marketing expert, SEO people, and other digital marketers.

Marketing Automation Coordinator: This position will deal with the results of a marketing strategy and its consequences. It is also a more technology-focused place in which the right software can be used to help discover significant consumer habits. When monitoring campaign results, you will be interested in calculation and statistics. 

Digital Marketing Manager: You will oversee the creation of the overall content plan as well as marketing strategies in this capacity. To attract new clients, your task would entail growing brand recognition when moving traffic. To maximize your digital marketing activities, you will also be responsible for keeping up with emerging technologies. To monitor the outcomes of your promotions, a review of your marketing activities would also be needed.

Leadership in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing sees continuous improvement and involves a forward-thinking mind. You must be a visionary, actively championing the new developments in the industry. You must therefore have a sense of cooperation and be able to cooperate with other departments.

As you would have to establish an online identity that represents the brand, and enthusiasm for branding is also important. As you will have to look at statistics and learn how to find the important information that will keep your plan solid, an analytical mind is helpful. In a nutshell, in your vision that digital marketing reigns supreme, you have to be tried and true, stay up-and-date to promote your views, but still collaborate well for others, because people continue to help see your proposals come to life.

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