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Search Advertising

Google mentioned the sponsored adds by green color at the site in the link. And generally shows add at the top of the result or at the bottom of the page that gives a sense that these are inorganic. Google provides many companies to advertise their brand or product on their platform. You will be shocked to know that 77% of Google adds are based on the market share.
Google provides a platform to sponsor the advertisement too many firms like Bing Ads, Adwords, etc. Not only google, but every search engine in other countries like Yandex in Russia also does the same to increase their market share. Some of the data is
  • Baidu – 8.9%
  • Google – 77%
  • Microsoft Bing – 7.31%
  • Yahoo – 6.5%
  • Ask – 3.1%
So, this whole search advertising procedure is based on the second price auction system. Now, what is the second price auction system? It is a mechanics that means you didn’t have to pay for the whole add but at least that amount is needed to beat the nearest competitor, depending on their add ranks. Therefore, based on this second-price auction system, it becomes easy to determine how much cost advertisers have to pay to appear in the topmost list of the results. Also to improve the experience for both the user and the advertiser, Google ensures the adviser Ad Rank. Ad Rank is the term used for the page rank as well. It is an algorithm which is a user to determine what are the top adds that need to show on a search result and how much advertiser has to pay for it. Ad rank formulates that each adds is made to fulfill the following criteria i.e;
Ad Formats – google ensures that everyone’s add, that it is showing on the search engine is of the specific format and provide you with the best detail about the product. It should contain all the additional details like link, phone numbers, help, etc.
Ad relevance – it ensures that add shown in the result is relevant to the topic user has searched.
Increased Click through rate – we know google is one the largest and smartest search Engine, add the provider. So it always makes sure that it shows the add which is likely to be estimated by the cost per click.
These are some of the tactics mentioned above which you should follow to increase the growth of your firm.
  • It will help you in producing fast and better results.
  • Provide you with better qualifying leads.
  • It goes well with local searches.
  • These are budget-friendly.
  • It helps in improving your brand recognition and provides a better online reputation. All of this consideration is very important if you want to increase your traffic rate and sales as well. Although, doing this via Google is one of the smartest attempts as Google adds seems like a perfect and a self-regulating system.
It is an effective and efficient way of communicating directly to the audience and provide the service or product. It may take your company to the lead and other than banner and different adds.
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