SEM & PPC (Search Engine Marketing)

Focusing on organic search is a relatively slow way of enhancing discoverability. To get more assured and goal oriented results, you must have to advertise online as well. Finding out exactly who your audience is and targeting them is what forms the major idea of our ad strategy. We create compelling advertisements that will attract, engage and convert your customer.
Online Advertising 1

Online Advertising

Online Advertising 2
  • Cost Per Visitor or CPV
  • Cost Per Mille or CPM
  • Cost Per Click or CPC
  • Cost Per Action or CPA
  • Cost Per View or CPV
  • Cost Per Engagement or CPE
  • Cost Per Lead or CPL
  • Cost Per Acquisition
  • Cost Per Engagement or CPE
  • Cost per change
  • Affordable and Cost effective
  • Enhanced interaction
  • Targeted Audience and Easy Audience Engagement
  • Best Branding
  • Informative and easier tracking
  • Better ROI
  • The term online advertising essentially identifies with online advertising, or internet advertising. It uses the World Wide Web and internet to convey messages in order to attract the customers.
    Online advertising allows advertisements which can be customized including content and posted sites.
    Types of online advertisements include Expanding ads, Superstitial ads, Floating ads, Trick banners, Polite ads, Pop-up ads, Video ads, Pop-under ads, Map ads.
    ATS, being a Premier Google Partners, we are focused to run targeted ad campaign across Google, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn to produce leads and develop visitors to the site. We ensure the best results at optimized cost with our strong ad management experience.
    It bodes well for you to harness this reach and utilize it to expand your business as Google Adwords is the world’s powerful network.
    Facebook has more than 1.44 billion dynamic overall clients and 125 million of them are Indians. With FB Advertisements, we guarantee you get the best portion of this virtual universe of connected customers.
    It empowers you to demonstrate advertisements to those traffic who have visited your website yet left without purchasing. These promotions show up on different sites that the individual is perusing through, to keep your brand noticeable, grabbing browser’s attention and bringing him back.

    What Paid Advertising Services Do We Offer?

    We can help with any of the following

    Google Ads

    Twitter Ads

    Bing Ads


    Facebook Ads

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