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Mobile Optimization

An optimized website means how can a user took the best advantage of your website. How is your website beneficial to him. Is your website providing “the best” design related to your product and other criteria? By the best, we mean that your website is a mobile-friendly website, it is beneficial in fulfilling all the demands of the customer, it goes through all the criteria and situation available to the user. And adjusting your website content in order to ensure that user has access to your site via mobile and have a customized experience to their device is mobile Optimization. It must carry an outstanding flow of content between desktop and mobile devices for an excellent experience.
There are several web pages available on Google and many fails in order to satisfy the user need. And mobile Optimization helps in taking an overview of all these features on your page. Because of mobile Optimization, one can check page design, structure, speed, response etc. If you want your website to be at the top among the SEO practice and on the best results of Google search, it must be a mobile-optimized website. And if it is already optimized best at the search engine then you have to take care of a few things like –
By responsive web design, we mean that your content should adapt the user’s screen using a fluid grid and a flexible design. It must carry the basic use of media queries in order to have a best-targeted layout, orientation and resolution.
Page speed must be there – Page speed is one of the basic criteria for the mobile Optimization, it is important for the mobile user more than to a desktop user because if hardware and connectivity issue.
Avoid pop-ups – it becomes very irritating for a mobile user to avoid these a number of times. So in order to gain a lead in such activities avoid pop-ups.
Don’t use Flash – if you want to use special effect on your web page, go forward with HTML 5 but not with flash as it becomes difficult for the mobile user to the plugin.
Use Fat finger design – clicking accidentally over something can lead to the opening of other webpages, so in order to avoid this situation design your content or page as per the fat fingers usage.
Choose best mobile site configuration – you should know what is the best configuration for your content like either it’s dynamic, or responsive or separate configuration. The best configuration is to design your site in a responsive manner for better results.
You should optimize your page for better search and gaining top results on Google search. No loss only gain, right!
Yes, mobile Optimization is different from a responsive website. As responsive website is designed in order to fit on your screen of laptop, or mobile phone. The content should be visible and in the correct order, whereas mobile Optimization provides an ease to the user by helping user through different ways like providing better touch to the links, better understanding of the content in a larger size, providing link bar for further use, etc.
Mobile Optimization is giving an advantageous competition in digital marketing and business world as well. It is an excellent way to boost up the Conversation between the user and the site. It helps in decreasing the bounce rate of the site. It helps in gaining better user experience by providing them with faster speed, portability, connectivity, and brand identification. Visitors attention can lead your website among the top of the competition and provide you benefits.
So, if you thinking about developing a website for your work or your company, keep all these points in your mind and make it an optimized one if you want to touch the bar!
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