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Mobile App Marketing

Totally a new term? No! We all use it in our daily life but we all need to learn about this. Before knowing more about mobile app marketing let’s understand the term mobile marketing in a better way. So, mobile marketing in simple words can be described as “an advanced marketing tech for business” world. It is used for enhancing e-commerce business and builds interactive communication between the customer and the product. It occurs in the mobile device from responsive web design. It also involves email marketing.
Now, what is mobile app marketing? It’s a big part of the business world! It basically provides an ease to the user to reach at every stage of marketing funnel by using different tactics like, using the application of different brand for the purpose of business and providing better deals and views to users. This includes various attractive offers for the user and awarding them with credit points so that they gain a better experience for using the application and enhance their profits. In mobile app marketing, there are different strategies used for the enhancement. Some of them are about the brand, customer relationship, retention, conversion etc. Let’s understand these strategies in a better way:
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Awareness among the customers – it is very important to attract user for any kind of profit in business. It’s a key for the business and digital world. And for creating awareness your brand app should gain popular attention among other applications. Some of the ways for creating awareness are – through social media, by paid advertisement, promoting your application on the app store, taking reviews, and lastly QR codes for sure. For better improvement, you need to focus on the channel that will drive more growth and revenue.
By Conversion – by Conversion, we mean adding of monetary value to the business by users. It is possible when a download load the app, set up an account, purchase something and increase the app usage most frequently. For this, you should focus more on an increased growth rate of the user. You can boost up your conversion process by providing a clear and distraction-free registration, using push notifications and by providing an excellent user interface.
By Retention – customers are the core heart of any marketing business, you have the responsibility of making your customers happy, by providing them satisfactory results and understanding their true moods. Basic approaches for leaving a footprint of your application on the user’s mind is by introducing customer service, regular review, push notifications etc.
If you want to feature your applications on Google play store or on Apple store, you have to gain 1 million app downloads. And in order to do so, you have to keep your basic metrics in your mind.
Average active users on daily basis – by being in hand of an active user, you can keep a track of your app as to how well it is working and what are the reviews.
Referral link is way too important – in order to gain more downloads, you should always focus on the referral source. How much advertisement is there on Google search or on quota for your application and honestly these two are the best way of influencing people to download your application.
Maintain your app session Length – you app session Length affect a lot. It is important to check your average app session from login to logout as per the user’s view.

With 2.1 million users on Google, it is very difficult to start a new business with Mobile marketing app, users are just waiting for an application which is beneficial to them. You really need to stand out for your mobile application. You can use popular mobile marketing tools which helps you to achieve your marketing goals. Some of them are

  • Optimizely
  • Appradar
  • Google AdMob
  • Deeplink
  • AppTweak
These are some of the best tools available for mobile app marketing. You can choose according to your requirement and learn about them more.
You can totally improve your work of business and digital marketing if you have knowledge about these terms and how these are beneficial to you. You can achieve your goals of marketing and reach to the ace of competition by choosing what’s best for you!
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