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To advertise on LinkedIn, the first thing you need is to have a personal page. To make sponsored content campaigns, it is also necessary to have a company page. But even if this format does not interest you, recommendation by LinkedIn Marketing Service provider, ATS is that to believe it anyway to have a brand presence on this network. In addition, it is possible that users look for it after seeing your ads.
From LinkedIn, the largest professional network on the Web, we ensure that there are more than 550 million professionals on this platform, that 4 out of 5 members make business decisions, and that this is the best environment to generate valuable leads. For these and other reasons, LinkedIn advertising is one of the valid and profitable strategies to grow your business or professional career, and in positioning, we know how to guide you on this and other 2.0 platforms to achieve your digital goals, with its expected correlation in the real world of business.
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Before moving towards the notions and advantages of advertising on LinkedIn, we believe it is necessary to make a stop at a relevant concept in this network, which for some time is owned by Microsoft: the leads. In summary terms, a lead is generated every time a user offers their data through certain channels, including LinkedIn. When a user shares personal data, they do so to obtain something in exchange for their favor: when they buy a product or service, to access certain exclusive content, at the time of a subscription, to participate in a contest, and so on.

How we Advertise on LinkedIn?

1) Setting up Campaign Manager

This specialized tool allows advertising on LinkedIn. The interface to create an account is very intuitive and will only take a couple of minutes. Remember that we can create several accounts at the same time if you need it (for example, to manage ads in different currencies).

2) Type of Ads

Use of several formats in the same campaign to generate maximum impact. If we choose sponsored content, we will also have to decide which call to action is preferable: the standard lead generation form on LinkedIn Marketing Services India or direct users to your website or content. In this step, we will also have to select the name of the campaign and the language of the target audience.

3) Appropriate Segmentation

We come to one of the key aspects of LinkedIn advertising: segmenting your ads correctly. Since LinkedIn has a large amount of professional information about its users, we choose from a large number of options to ensure that your advertising reaches just the audience you are looking for.
Among the basic options, we find the location of the users, the name of the company they work for or of the university where they have studied, the position they hold and their abilities.

4) Budget and Schedule

Here we choose the budget of your LinkedIn Ads campaign, starting at a minimum of $ 10 per day. We choose between a cost-per-click, cost-per-thousand or cost-per-click model. Also, we set the start and end dates of the campaign.
Within this same step, we enable conversion tracking (records, installations, downloads or purchases) to better measure the results of your Ad later.
Segment by groups: We filter users based on the LinkedIn groups they belong to. To get the right groups, we do some research before launching your campaign, but the effort is worth it.
Optimizing the Text of your Ads: We optimize ads to attract clicks and conversions. Also, we look for a simple and easy to understand message & include keywords.
Relevant Images: Compared to other Social Media Marketing Services Delhi like Instagram or even Facebook, it may seem that LinkedIn is still a bit visual. But that does not mean we can rest on laurels when it comes to the images for LinkedIn ads.
Video Advertisements: According to data from LinkedIn itself, video content on company pages is 5 times more likely to generate conversation than text articles. As it is a new format, video can be very effective in your advertising campaigns on LinkedIn.
A/B Testing: LinkedIn Text Ads Services and display ads allow us to play with different settings to see what works best with your target audience. Taking the opportunity to do A / B testing and optimizing your campaigns.
ROI Measures: With the help of conversion tracking tool, it’s very easy to link LinkedIn advertising to your KPIs and justifying the investment.
Strictly speaking, when LinkedIn advertising is executed effectively, it is possible to obtain an excellent return on investment (ROI) for business cases or companies looking for a B2B deal.
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