Security Architecture

Security is simply another requirement; and where they conflict, security features must likewise be traded off against other features.

System Security

Leveraging power of C, Objective C and Swift native development technologies and APIs, Our developers deliver.

Support and Maintenance

Not just design and development, we also provide services to maintain the application post deployment over App Store.

System Security Development

System Analysis

This step refers to the gathering of system requirements, with the goal of determining .

System Design

Once the requirements have been collected,analyzed, it's necessary to identify .


Allies name is programming, this step involves the creation of the system software.


As the software is created and added to the developing system, testing is performed .

System Security refers to provide protection to computer system resources such as CPU, memory, disk, software programs and most importantly data/information stored in the computer system.

System Security Development Process


For security to be accepted within an organization, and for software developers to take security seriously, security must accommodate , or at least acknowledge , business needs and business problems.


Additional aspects to consider are service-level agreements with your customers and maintaining uptime. Crashed or unresponsive software will probably not satisfy customers or meet their needs.


Ultimately, all the issues we have mentioned are quality bugs. the relationship among quality, security, privacy, and reliability.It's worth mentioning that some elements overlap.

System Security

Capability Maturity Models
CMM-based evaluations are not meant to replace product evaluation or system certification. Rather, organizational evaluations are meant to focus process improvement identified.
Implement an SDL
Implement an SDL to build security into your development process • Train your developers in secure coding techniques • Incorporate Threat Modeling, Secure Code Review, Security Focused Testing into the process
Purpose of the SDL
Inventory and assess applications • Identify and ensure resolution of security/privacy vulnerabilities found in those applications • Enable Application Risk Management: • Strategic • Tactical • Operational • Legal
Process Models
The SEI’s Team Software Process (TSP) provides a framework, a set of processes, and disciplined methods for applying software engineering principles at the team and individual level . Software produced using the TSP has one or two orders of magnitude .

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We Provide Privacy And Security

Many people see privacy and security as different views of the same issue. However, privacy can be seen as a way of complying with policy and security as a way of enforcing policy. Restrooms are a good analogy of this concept. The sign on a restroom door indicates the policy for who should enter the restroom, but no security prevents anyone who might want to enter. Adding a lock to the door would provide security to help enforce the privacy policy

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We have an unique and interesting approach for visual design. At every stage of the creative process we offer flexible, comprehensive design solutions capitalising on our experience, skill and versatility to meet and exceed the needs of our clients.Our visual designers provide you with exceptional design services

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  • Understanding User Requirements
  • Analysis And Finalising Services
  • Gives Privacy
  • Gives quality
  • Testing
  • Gives security to your system
  • Documentation

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