Network solution and provisioning

Our Ats network provides you with the foundation that connects your devices to your applications

Device integration and deployment

We help you identify the right partner to manufacturer and configure enabled devices.

Solution design

Architect our IoT solution on a node-to-application basis, Solution ensuring optimal Iot.

Internet Of Things


Monitor, administer and support your solution on an end-to-end basis We not only deploy


Connect your things over any network in minutes with a 'plug and play' approach


Extend your service with easy workflow integration to your business applications .


Condition monitoring, real-time analytics and fully configurable dashboards

Our IoT Platform is open, application centric and free-to-try which allows you to prove your end-to-end business concept quickly with a handful of things and rapidly scale your deployment to over 20 global data centres as you connect millions with telco grade reliability.

Developing IoT solutions with Cumulocity


Security methodology based on over 20 years of developing carrier, security based on Tier 4 data centers. We provide security to your Internet of things.


Integrated 3rd party services Integration builder for 500+ cloud services API developer portal


Condition monitoring, real-time analytics and fully configurable dashboards IOT Management and Deployment Package.

Internet Of Things Service

Device Management
Device life cycle Device identity management Asset management Connection and Configuration management
Real time Analytics
Smart Rules Extensive real-time streaming analytics Analytics Applications Analytics Development Environment
Plug-ins & Applications
Data explorer Real-time dashboard builder Remote management and control Extend with Plugins and Applications .
Connectivity and Normalisation
Many certified devices Connectivity abstraction Protocol support Device SDKs Data modelling .

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We Design Your Dreams

User research is at the heart of designing a good user experience. User research looks at how users perform tasks and find needed information, and seeks to learn about their requirements and goals for a product, application, or website. User research leads to a deeper understanding of your user’s needs and whether these needs are being met.

We Grow You Ideas

We have an unique and interesting approach for visual design. At every stage of the creative process we offer flexible, comprehensive design solutions capitalising on our experience, skill and versatility to meet and exceed the needs of our clients.Our visual designers provide you with exceptional design services

Internet Of Things

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  • Understanding User Requirements
  • Analysis And Finalising Services
  • Design Of Screens
  • Development Of App
  • Testing Of App
  • App Store Submission
  • Documentation

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