ISMS Process

Every company and public agency has a business management which in the following will be termed “management level” when referring to the actual managers themselves.

Risk & Security concept

To fulfil the information security objectives and achieve the aspired level of information security, an understanding must first be developed for how IT risks can threaten the fulfilment of tasks.

Support And Maintenance

Software maintenance in software engineering is the modification of a software product after delivery to correct faults, to improve performance or other attributes.

Information Security

Security goals

Ensure compliance with current laws, regulations and guidelines.Integrity and availability for employees.

Security strategy

It has been decided that information security is to be ensured by the policy for information.


Risk assessments must identify, quantify and prioritize the risks according to relevant.

security policy

The Chancellor/President shall ensure that the information security policy,.

Information security, sometimes shortened to Info Sec, is the practice of preventing unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, inspection, recording or destruction of information.

Our Information Security System Process


Organization structure - Functional vs. Matrix Span of control-hierarchy Reporting relationship Job descriptions Staffing and skill requirements Clarity about the boundaries with other organizational groups


Formalized courses, face-to-face or online. Use of posters to call attention to aspects of security. Conduct business units walk-through. Use intranet to post security reminders or host security column.


Develop an information security plan. Review and propose a security organization redesign. Develop a security hiring plan. Develop a security background check program.

Information Security

Monitoring of system access and usage
Access and use of IT systems should be logged and monitored in order to detect unauthorized information processing activities. Usage and decisions should be traceable to a specific entity, e.g. a person or a specific system.
Access control
Written guidelines for access control and passwords based on business and security requirements should be in place. Guidelines should be re-evaluated on a regular basis. Business requirements, User administration and responsibility , Access control/Authorization, Network access controls.
Submition of App Store
After you upload a build to iTunes Connect and sufficiently test that build, submit the build to the store using iTunes Connect. It’s recommended that you submit the last archive you distribute for testing. .
Development and maintenance
Definitions of operational requirements for new systems or enhancements to existing systems must contain security requirements. All changes to production environments should comply with existing routines. .

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Sensitivity Statement

Business Impact Assessment: Determining possible business impacts to the Organisation if the information were disclosed, integrity compromised or services disrupted. • Threat and Risk Assessment: Determining the risk (the chance) that identified threats could occur. • Security Exposure Rating: Evaluating the business impacts and the threats together to determine overall exposure to the Organisation. Confirming the Organisation’s standard security assessment of similar applications and, when appropriate, confirming or updating a Business Impact and Threat Assessment form (Appendix E)


It is important to establish a complete “inventory” of all operations and administrative applications (grouped or specific) in use and clearly establish the boundaries of the system(s) under review. Appendix I provides a definition of an application. For security purposes, similar applications may be grouped together, such as word processing Letters, word processing Audit Memorandums, spreadsheet Financial Analysis, spreadsheet Planning Schedule, etc.

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