Building Your Small Business Website: DIY Builder vs. Web Designer

If you are launching your business on a shoestring budget, you may think the cost of a web designer doesn’t fit into your plan. Even if HTML and CSS look like alphabet soup to you, drag and drop website-building interfaces make it possible for non-coders to build their own websites. That may be a good option for you depending on the size of your business and your website goals. However, ease of use comes at the cost of flexibility, and a less-than-professional look to your website will drive business away. Your inexpensive DIY website then becomes rather costly.

It may be better to invest in a professional web design service to get your business online. Keep in mind that your website is part of your overall marketing plan, so position it as an expense where you expect a positive rate of return on your investment, just as you would with an ad campaign. Bringing in a pro will get the job done quicker and better than if you tackle the project yourself.

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